Hello Everyone

Mid January my art dealer, Lynn del So of Creative Thriftshp and I put the three video art pieces in my month long show, Untitled Nude, up on You Tube. Two days later the videos were taken off with notices that my work is “inappropriate to community standards” and if we put up more our accounts wold be closed entirely.   I wrote the National Coalition Against Censorship, who then asked me if i would be willing to go public as the issue of censorship  – of equating art with pornography on the internet – on You Tube – is very large and important. I said YES!

A week later two videos up for more than a year were also censored.  The ACLU of the interent, Electronic Frontier Foundation partnered with the NCAC and we went public.

Go to http://www.ncac.org for some of  what’s been happening.

Because of the pressure applied by NCAC and EFF, YouTube has re-reviewed my work and it’s theoretically back up under the restricted to 18 years and older category. But You tube is  totally ignored the basic issue. Art is not pornography and should be an exception in their guidelines along with education, documentary and science. And there is some kind of “error” which still prevents my films Element and Tides to be viewed at all from my account.

I thought i could write my many feelings and thoughts on censorship and being censored by youTube but i can’t yet. I’m still too raw inside.

So Instead enjoy one of the censored videos, a short segment from Light of The Body, one of the films on my new 60 minute, 6 film,  DVD,

CLUB MIDNIGHT  now  for sale on http://WWW.FACETS.ORG.  (more info: http://www.clubmidnight.net)

~ by cinemabody on February 25, 2010.

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