CLUB MIDNIGHT Celebration Of Free Expression April 3

Los Angeles Times, 2/26/10: “YouTube is no prude when it comes to art –when it actually takes the time to appreciate the work. After censorship watchdogs gave the video hosting giant a public undressing for its removal of videos by artist Amy Greenfield that contained nudity, the company made amends.”

Auguste Rodin: “The human body is first and foremost the mirror of the soul and its greatest beauty comes from that.”

I hope you can make it to my latest event
>CLUB MIDNIGHT/AGAINST CENSORSHIP                 A celebration of free expression in 35mm, 16mm and double projection

One time only on the large screen complete and uncensored at

New Filmmakers Spring Fest
>Saturday April 3 at 8:00 PM
>at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street),
>Admission is $6.00Wine and champagne reception afterward

And Svetlena Mintcheva of the National Coalition Against Censorship  will be at the screening to talk with you about film, art, dance, nudity, censorship and the internet.

Walt Whitman, “If anything is sacred the human body is sacred.”

Hopefully we’ve made some inroads for the nude as art, as dance, the body, its beauty and greatness, on the internet, which, as amazing a means of communication it is, usually doesn’t distinguish between art and pornography. And of course – my thanks to my dancers.

Now I want my films to be seen off of the internet and with what i know and love best- with the moving image-dance on the large screen and in dialogue with a live audience.  The 35mm prints by Cineric inc and the projection at the enormous screen in the Courthouse Theatre at Anthology  are wonderful.

Club Midnight an evening-long film-cycle of six interlinking films which transform the expressiveness of multi-talented, dancers who have worked in erotic clubs, into emotion drenched, dynamic, visually dazzling digital cinema. To music by Philip Glass, Marilys Ernst, St Karen and Einsturzende Neubauten, the women reveal themselves, body and soul, with energy, anguish, longing, freedom and finally a wild joy in “a new nakedness no longer at war with spirituality and intelligence.” (Isadora Duncan, The Dance of The Future.) The evening will start with the theatrical premiere of MUSeic Of The BODy, another of films censored by YouTubr/Google and end with the signature film.

This photograph is a frame from Club Midnight(the signature film) which will be seen in Cinemascope. Dennis Hopper is on the soundtrack giving voice to poetry by poet laureate Charles Simic, while Andrea Beeman and Bonnie Dunn move on-screen turning the carnal into existential longing.

The origins of the event go back to February when YouTube censored all of my films I’d put on the site, including segments from Club Midnight. I was outraged at such censorship of film art, mine and everyone’s. The absence of any way to appeal directly to YouTube impelled me to contact the National Coalition AgainstCensorship and spoke with Svetlana Mintcheva, She agreed that my work should not have been put in the category of “pornography”, that it’s art, and that we should appeal to Google. So with the with the leading internet civil rights organization, Electronic Frontier Foundation, we went up against the internet giant to help bring to light the issue of YouTube/Google’s censorship of nude art.  With an outpouring of press and public support on the internet,  YouTube, in an unprecedented and hopefully groundbreaking decision, reversed their censorship of my films, with no restrictions.

MMore information about Club Midnight/Against Censorship


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