The Holy Body Experience

Recently because a website,, wrote of YouTube censoring my work. They posted my film, Tides. At this writing 24,000 people have viewed it on the net. This is unreal to me. More than anyone has ever seen my work I think. But it’s out there in cyberspace. A number. what means so much to me is the few people who wrote to me on, who have been in some (positive way) transformed by the film. Found meaning. One found the film the “holy body experience.” Thank you!

I have a few words on this. Is the body holy or  unholy?

DH Lawrence said he was not interested in the eros of jaunty amours but in the eros of deep mysteries.  Eros was a great god in ancient Greece.

I’ll never understand the Christian ethic of us being sinful because we live in our bodies. Our bodies dirty? Most people bathe everyday.  All life is lived through the body.

I must be a pagan. A Jewish pagan? In Judaism the body is sacred, but it’s therefore supposed to be covered up. In art the body is sacred so it’s seen.

Jean Cocteau said that the only reason for reaching a lot of people is to reach those one or two whose lives are changed by one’s work. In our era I feel that film has that capacity.

~ by cinemabody on March 7, 2010.

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