Cinemabody is short for “Cinema Of The Body”.

Cinemabody is this blogsite. And its my new company for the film, multimedia and installations I make.  And it’s a whole area of cinema I feel part of and wish to support in any way I can.

It’s not cinema about the body. It’s cinema which is the body. And how the expression of the body as cinema can give kinesthetic vision to all that we can’t see and generally regard as separate from the body, but which I see as coming through the body – Cinema Of The Body And Spirit.

I use dancers. I was a dancer. I know that dancers can accomplish this “magical” expression. The body moves. Dance moves. Cinema moves. But my cinemabody isn’t about dance, just as film actiong isn’t about acting. It’s about everything else. As many great actors say, real film acting is invisible. And just as film actors can reveal thought, emotion, intention, even lgith andcdarkenss through the face, so can some dancers – film dancers – through the body.

For me, good film dancing is caught up in the invisible rather than itself and its own image. I’m not interested in the identifiable image of the dancer. Cinema of the body is not ‘dance for camera”. It’s the dance of cinema itself, for me a dance of the essence of our being as humans, through the human body’s expression.

Uniting that cinema of the body with live dance is my one of my current challenges, especially in the new 40 minute Spirit In The Flesh,which I wrote about in December and January when it was in progress, and which I’ll now start to write of.

Spirit in The Flesh is inspired by and based on actor (now also a photographer) Leonard Nimoy’s wonderful photography book, “Shekhina”. Infact the title,”Spirit In The Flesh” are words of Leonard’s taken from his book which express his photographic visualization of the “Shekhina” – Kabbalah’s  divine female spirit which dwells with us – are seen on the large screen. My editor, George Engleos,and I,  transformed them with motion imparting techiques, into what I call “photo-cinema”.  in “spirit/Flesh”, this photo-cinema is on the large screen, united – melded – with live dance, spoken word – Nimoy’s and other from his book- and  music by John Zorn; plus Zahava Seewald &Michael Grebil;  Oren Ambarchi and z’ev, all on John’s label, Tzadik.

Leonard’s photographs are a little known part of his being and work, compared with Spock, and seem separate from Spock. But I eventually think I found links between his Shekhina photographs and his participation in Star Trek.

I took a long break from blogging after the 40 minute “Spirit in The Flesh”  was presented at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space in Manhattan,NY, last January. it was presented with some of the films from my cinema-dance cycle, “Club Midnight” (visit 

The response was great, so we’ll be doing it again. With live performance integrated with the Club Midnight films. With more work on “Spirit/Flesh”.  And the premiere a new piece for video and live performance, MUSeic Of The BODy: For Nam June Paik, which came out of a past  dual Paik/Greenfield video and live dance performance  piece, which was named a Best in the Arts & Entertainment in dance in The New York Times by Jennifer Dunning.

I’ll write about all that as it comes  along. And about others’ work. But right now I wish to write about Spirit In The Flesh.

So -more tomorrow or Friday.

~ by cinemabody on May 13, 2009.

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  1. Interested to learn more about your work. I think you might dig a video I made for Palissimo. Check it out here:


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