The dark side of Spirit In The Flesh

i’ve been consumed with working on the preparation for filming Spirit In The Flesh. New website up.

While theme, the subject if you will, of the film, the Shekhina, as Female, divine source of creation and energy – – of motion, on earth in us, around us, is usually only thought of now (in Kabbalah in US) as “sweetness and light” – comfort,protection, other female associated virtues, that’s so very far from the whole picture. It’s the watered down version. Here is Vittoria Maniglio in a rehearsal photo shoot (photo by Robert Haller) with Leonard Nimoy photo in background – like the photo is the Shekhina in her aspect as the mother of Lilith, and Vittoria is channeling Lilith, which Vittoria really identifies with by the way.

if the Shekhina she is the energy of immanent creation, are we not ALL part of that energy? Anything else is to set up the usual puritanical judgments that lead to guilt and which i’ve spent my adult life saying no to. I’m finding that a truly all-encompassing female power and a non-judgmental attitude as in the poem Thunder Perfect Mind which i quote from Leonard Nimoy’s great book Shekhina on which the film is based ( “…I am the first and the last, I am the honored one and the scorned one, i am the whore and the holy one, I am the one below and they come up to me…”)
The great Kabbaliastic scholar, Gershom Scholem, who links (though also distinguishes) the Shekhina to the Hindu Shakti and Kali (as he does with the ancient Mother Goddesses, supernal and chthonian. Gershom Scholem (whom I got into through the Canadian avant-garde filmmaker, Bruce Elder) says how the Zohar , the sacred book of Kabbalah, recognizes this – the darkness we must sometimes go into to find another depth to reach another level . Shekhina is both the protection and light and ‘duende’ the dark energy. And I even feel that energy working on this film. Sometimes it’s like flying. And sometimes, like now, it seems to be frighteningly dangerous. I now understand when Leonard Nimoy asks in his book “Am I entering dangerous territory?”

~ by cinemabody on March 20, 2011.

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