Thank you Ricky

My friend Ricky Leacock passed away on Wednesday.
He lent his great being to my work from the mid 70s to 1980 behind the camera.

All week I was thinking of him so much. And on Wednesday before I knew he’d passed away I was evoking him, telling a young cinematographer his words to me the first time i met him, “Film isn’t about exposure. It’s about seeing.Very specifically!” And very needed now with new digital cameras coming out every month. How amazing it was to work together. Here’s a picture of him on the set of my film 4 Solos For 4 Women with dancer Suzanne Gregoire. Ricky shot the film.

And here’s a frame pull of Suzanne from 4 Solos -Ricky on camera.

4 Solos was (videotaped in the gorgeous old 2″ video format). The camera was gigantic and he hand held it. He was sore for a week. And believe it or not Ricky did the studio lighting a la film noir as i asked him to. very un-cinema verite and seemingly not like Ricky but actually he could be a teddy bear especially with women around to film, loved dance, and was trained as a British lighting cinematographer). The dancers loved working with him. They said they could palpably feel his presence behind the camera. They could dance with him. He knew where they were going before they got there.

How many people did Ricky give to. Where is his gigantic generous spirit? I don’t think he thought of it that way. He was “just” having fun. And he must be now. As another dancer, Holly Fairbank, who was in Body Songs said Wednesday, “Working with Ricky was a hoot!”

Thank you Ricky!

~ by cinemabody on March 26, 2011.

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