I feel blessed to be visioning upon Leonard Nimoy’s vision. And it’s  a visionary experience. Not coming from my own root material but his i find my inner and outer vision going in new unexpected directions. he says his Shekhina photographs are the envisioning of the invisible and my piece has come out of close-eyed visioning.

I haven’t met Leonard only communicated with him through his photo rep and gallery and right-hand-man, Rich Michelson. But I feel I know a generally hidden side of him through his photographs and his book. I  work with him through his spirit in the photographs. And i more and more find myself feeling in contact with my mother’s spirit and also of Hilary Harris’. Hilary was my mentor in film editing and then lent himself to my accomplishing my own vision by becoming my cinematographer. Hilary was a wonderful experimental and documentary filmmaker yet he never imposed his vision only lent himself to mine. His film Nine Variations On A Dance Theme is a film anyone who care about cinema and dance   -or about exrtraordinary cinema of the body. It’s perhaps the most perfect flm dance (or if you will cine dance or if you will screen dance) ever made.  when my Club Midnight:Flesh into Light shows are over I’ll write more about it.

~ by cinemabody on January 24, 2009.

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