The heart-tearing video made on cell phones by the Iran protestors is cinema of the body. The body of unqenchable spirit. Not watching. The actor and camera the same. Almost no separation between action being seen and action behind camera. Toal participation. To reveal the truth from the gut. This is cinemabody in its most real and truthful sense. Laying their bodies on the line while videotaping. But can we even call it cinema? It’s overpowering communication in the middle of life or death reality. The gap between us here sitting watching on TV and the people on the streets in Teheran is something i don’t have words for. That we can’t do anything. But it’s unforgettable because of those videos. Sitting here watching yet plunged into the center through our eyes. Yet from the vantage of total safety while they’re risking their lives. Perhaps these videos will make a change.


~ by cinemabody on June 28, 2009.

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