What else can one write about today , Obama’s inauguration day?  Going through Manhattan today there was a feeling of release and buoyant hope and expectation swirling in the air, around us all. When I got on the ferry one of the guys who works on the ferry said, “Bush isn’t presisent anymore. We have a new president.” Like -“thank God.”

One of my two cats is very very ill. She’s 19. I never thought she’d walk again. But tonight she suddenly got up and walked! Now I can breathe again.

The Shekhina is a healing female power in a broken world. When i told Tasha this she said she thinks of dance as putting together the broken pieces. Maybe that’s why some of us are compelled to dance, aren’t sane without it. Maybe that’s why we’re doing “Spirit in The Flesh”.


~ by cinemabody on January 21, 2009.

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