re Spirit in the Flesh in which i transform Leonard Ninoy’s photography series and book into large screen cinema-photo joined with dance, music, spoken word.

We have just two weeks more until the shows of Club Midnight:Flesh into Light, at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater of Symphony Space, 1/30 and 31 (if you’d like to come, go to!)

I haven’t been able to blog because one of my cats is ill and in the animal hospital and deserved my devotion But she is being taken care of, and today my great editor, George Englezos, and I did the final final screen edit for Spirit In The Flesh. The piece is 40 minutes long. When I first started on Spirit in The Flesh,  i thought there was only enough material to sustain 15 or 20 minutes. But then i delved into Leonard’s photographs – the images themselves, the insight INTO them that the amazing digital motion computer techniques make possible – the mysterious metaphysics of MEANINGS behind the photographs and their relationship to the words in this book from ancient and modern sources, plus his own words. And i felt and feel the ten year journey of insight and realization it took for Leonard to make the photographs and the book out of them. Then riches spilled out and there were almost too visions to realize of my own in relation to the photographs. So now i could go on and on.

It is such a great, rare blessed privilege to be divining the mind, the sensibility of Leonard Nimoy. He is such a generous person to be allowing me this freedom to make his vision part of my own. Thank you Leonard Nimoy!


~ by cinemabody on January 17, 2009.

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