the dance of spirit in the flesh Tasha Taylor and John Zorn

on Spirit In The Flesh, a multimedia performance which unites Leonard Nimoy’s sacred nude photography of dancers as Spirit in the Flesh with dance (lit by the photography moving on the large screen) music by John Zorn and the “Dance of the Veils” from 1917 Diva film Fantasia Satanica.The full evening of mulimedia,  CLub Midnight:Flesh into light will be at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater, Symphony Space,
nuary 30 & 31.

Our new dancer, Tasha Taylor is a Bessie Award-winner for her work with Rosanne Spralin I can see why she has won a Bessie! She combines years of exquisite technique which she’s made her own, with a depth which regiesters meaniing through both the simplest movements to wild and complex. She is truly spirit in the flesh.Today I worked on the section of “Spirit In The Flesh” with Tasha  which comes from the words from Leonard’s Shekhina book, a poem by Norma Farber which starts “Demon of tenderness, Shekhina accessible…” which traces her descent. Like most of the other section it is to amazing John Zorn Masada string music. How his music gives expression to Leonard’s Shekhina photographs and our Shekhina dance. His music is an inspiration, as is the rich voice/music of Zohara, and the mystery of “Spirit Transform Me” by “Oren and z’ev.

I learn more about the Shekhina, from the great 20th century philosopher/scholar of Kabbalah, Gershom Sholem. There are two Sehkhinas in Kabbalism: the one which is ‘”above”, is the active creative flow of the universe – a female creativity. The one “below” is in creation itself. our world. The spirit with us. Dwelling. Both come from wisdom, is associated with wisdom (usually a male attribute?).


~ by cinemabody on January 10, 2009.

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