The Heavens are Dancing

Today worked on screen inages for The Heavens Are Dancing – the new Hubble telescope-scapes. They are dazzling. Set in motion, a few of the most beautiful, with pulsating deep space “suns”, will be on the screen in the finale of Spirit In The Flesh. Nimoy writes that in Kabbalah the origin of creation came about because a tiny point of light after the infinite power withdrew to make room for creation. only tiny point filled a vessel. the energy was too great and broke the vessel and sent shards of broken light careening through space. The latest creation-of-universe theory coming from Hawking and colleagues is similar – one tiny point led to the big bang. Kabbalah postulates worlds beyond worlds – and we’re now glimpsing worlds beyond worlds through the Hubble telescope. Nimoy grew up with Jewish mysticism. I’m coming to understand the connection between his Shekhina and Star Trek selves. And that connection is made ecstatically i hope in the finale of Spirit In The Flesh. Hope you NYC guys can come – 1/30 or 31.go to http://www.symphonyspace,org.


~ by cinemabody on January 9, 2009.

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